Cadence Global helps organisations understand and navigate the institutions of world trade in changing and uncertain times.

Core Services

In turbulent times, Cadence Global helps organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors understand the complex issues, navigate the institutions, and advance solutions to the challenges of intergovernmental cooperation on trade.

The primary focus is on modernizing the rules and institutions, dispute settlement, and the trade-related aspects of the data-driven economy, intellectual property rights and sustainable development. Services include:


Gathering information and intelligence, delivered in concise and readable formats that keep organizations informed about developments in trade


Providing analysis and insights into the political, legal and institutional aspects of intergovernmental cooperation and dispute settlement in trade


Providing strategic advice, solutions and training to organisations to enable them to advance their objectives for effective cooperation on trade


Preparing and delivering advocacy and representations to governments and intergovernmental organizations to ensure inclusive outcomes
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Featured Project

Revitalizing the WTO
Bertelsmann - Global Economic Dynamics
Revitalizing the WTO: Settling Trade Disputes in a Turbulent Multipolar World
Despite growing consensus on the need to update the trade rules and strengthen the World Trade Organization, there is little agreement on which reforms are necessary. The changing balance of economic power, ageing trade rules and a backlash against globalization make it difficult to achieve legitimate outcomes through win-lose adjudication. Increasing demand, a potential for a chill on ongoing negotiations and an imbalance between the political and adjudicative functions of the WTO exacerbate these challenges. Resolving the impasse over the Appellate Body will not, on its own, resolve the more profound legitimacy crisis facing the trading system. Members should instead focus on pursuing broader improvements to the dispute settlement mechanism to ensure that it remains fit-for-purpose in the service of trade cooperation in a turbulent multipolar world.

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